Athletics Squad off to a Flying Start with Sportstrap

Jacqui Watt - Stawell GiftWith the 2011 Stawell Gift only weeks away, Sportstrap is proud to announce our sponsorship support for Mick Benoit’s Ballarat Athletics Squad.

So far this year, Mick Benoits squad has been competing in many events in the Australian Gift Sprinting Circuit, with great success. They now are focusing their attention to preparing to compete in the highly prized 2011 Stawell Gift, which is known as the Richest Footrace in Australia, and is the jewel crown in the Victorian Athletic League.

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The squad trains at various locations around Ballarat, including Llanberris Reserve (which is synthetic track), City Oval and the Botanical Gardens. Micks squad includes 2010 Women’s Stawell Gift winner Jacqui Watt, Kim Ludbrook, Myles Medwell, Ryan Benoit, Dave Fenollar and Nick Emmerton.

Jacqui Watt, who competes in the 120 metre events, said:

“I have used Sportstrap Sports Tape for the past 12 months to help support my feet, and it has worked a treat”.

“Racing competitively, it has helped me to get through some very big days of racing”, said the 2010 Stawell Gift Winner.

So far this year, the Squad members have made various gift  finals, including Rye and Temora, NSW, where Jacqui Watt finished 4th and 6th in respective Finals.

So Sportstrap would like to wish all the athletes in Micks Benoit’s Athletics Squad the best of luck at Stawell and the remaining athetics season.

Go get ’em Guys and Girls!!!

Mick Benoit Athletics Squad

Front left: Mick Benoit (coach), Ryan Benoit, Jacqui Watt, Jason Forster(masseur)

Back left: Dave Fenollar and Nick Emmerton


5 thoughts on “Athletics Squad off to a Flying Start with Sportstrap

  1. Hi Cade,

    The Stawell Gift is very important to the area bringing in may tourists from throughout NSW. Tourist mean business the area would otherwise miss out on. Good luck to all participants..

  2. Hello Cade,

    Sounds like an interesting event. Love the look of those sponsor T-shirts 🙂 Great colours and great logo design.

    Sportstrap is important for those that compete professionally. Our oldest plays a lot of sport and yep we go through a lot of sportstrap!

    All the best of luck to the squad team…have a great race 🙂


  3. Hi Cade,

    Just thought i’d touch base and let u guys and girls know at Sportstrap that we are all back into training for season 2012/2013…. I myself have been away from the sport since Feb 2011 and then have starteed the hard road back to getting race fit again after having my first child in Sept 2011. We have a few new members in our squad so once we get going i will send through another pic of the squad. We appreciate your ongoing support and i know my feet sure do appreciate it as they are carrying around a few extra kg’s at the moment…lol. Take care and talk soon

    • Congrats on becoming a Mum, Jacqui. It really is a fantastic time of your life.
      Great to hear your back on the track too, boy that was quick.

      Looking forward to seeing you compete at your best again. Go get ’em Girl


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