How To Tape An Ankle For Extreme Support

In the beginning of our ‘How To Strap’ series, we looked at a simple method of “How to Strap an Ankle“. In this article I would like to expand on that, by showing you how to tape an ankle that is extremely unstable, or that needs extra support.

Most ankle injuries occur when the ankle or foot is rolled to an inverted position, where the lateral ligaments on the outside of the ankle can be sprained or damaged. This type of injury is very common in running-sports like Football, Rugby, Netball, Basketball & Soccer.

Ankle Injury

Re-Occurring Ankle Injuries & Ankle Instability

Sometimes an athlete may have a history of a re-occuring ankle sprain, where the ankle may feel weak, and they don’t trust the stability of the joint during physical activity. In this case, extra ankle support is required to give the ankle stability and the althete the confidence to compete at their best.

I would like to share with you a video that shows a great technique for providing extra support for the ankle using ankle strapping tape, courtesy of highly experienced Sports Trainer, Cam Wray. Enjoy!

Great Technique to Tape an Ankle for Extra Support

As you can see from the video, this technique is very similiar to the Cam’s basic ankle taping method, with the use of anchors and 2-3 stirrups. He also uses 3 Adidas strips on the outside of the ankle and then finishes off with 2 calcaneal sling techniques (half heal locks) alternating on opposite sides.

While learning how to tape an ankle correctly is important, so is using quality of supplies for the job.

What items do you need to Tape an Ankle?

Fortunately, you don’t need to many different supplies to tape an ankle. But to get the job done properly, you will need the following items depending on your exact purpose:

Rigid Strapping Tape 38mm

Rigid Strapping Tape 38mm

50mm EAB (Optional)

Elastic Adhesive Bandage


Optional items you may wish to use:

Underwrap Foam

Pre-Tape Underwrap

(alternative to shaving ankles, and avoids skin reactions to the tape)

Orthopedic Foam

Orthopedic Foam

(protect against rubbing or impact to both the front, or sides of the ankle and the achilles)

Pre-Tape Spray

Skin Prep Spray

(improves tape adhesion)

Preparation to Strap an Ankle

As previously, for optimum results when taping the ankle, it is recommended to prepare the ankle by doing the following:Ankle Protection

  • Shave off any hair around the area on the ankle being taped.
  • Cover any wounds with Non-Stick Wound pads
  • Use Orthopedic foam padding to protect any tender areas at the sides, front or top of the ankle or back of the achillies.

Ankle Injury Management

As with most ligament injuries, active physiotherapy rehabilitation is the best form of treatment for chronic ankle instability. This normally includes soft tissue massage and strengthening motion exercises, which are ideal to stimulate ligament repair and strength.

Good ankle taping techniques during this period can really assist to speed up recovery, and reduce the time where an athlete is out of action.

But as always, seek advice from a professional physiotherapist for a proper diagnosis.

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9 thoughts on “How To Tape An Ankle For Extreme Support

  1. It can be really frustrating (and costly for pros) when an injury prevents you from taking part in your chosen sport, so taping your ankle for supreme support seems like smart, preventative action.

  2. I have a number of friends who have recently had ankle problems. I’ll be pointing them to your post to ensure they know how to tape their ankle

  3. What a good idea, it is so easy to sprain an ankle and so painful. Love the idea of the underwrap foam, beats ripping off tape.

  4. A rolled ankle can be extremly painful, so to know how to tape an ankle for extreme support and to do so before anything happens is really important for any serious Sports person.

    Thanks for sharing your tips and knowledge with us

  5. Ohhh that photo brings back memories!

    I’m sharing this with everyone – even when we’re not thinking what we are doing is extreme, it sure doesn’t take much to change our minds about ankle injuries that are extreme to the nth degree! This is a valuable post, thank you.

  6. Ankle pain due to sprain is a big problem. This information would be useful not only for people at professional level, but also for anyone who is into playing sports with a high risk of ankle sprain. Anything to prevent injury to Ankle must always be done.

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