SportStrap 10% Off Sale – Save on Sports Tape

Here at SportStrap, we pride ourselves on being able to offer the best prices & services on Quality Sports Tape and Sports Medical Products, in Australia.

For the month of July, SportStrap is going one step further and is having a 10% off Sale, where Sports Clubs, Businesses and Individuals can save on sports tape .

Sports Tape marked down by 10% for the entire month.

Three of our popular Sports Tapes are available now at marked down prices for the entire month of July, you can find them on our SportStrap Specials Page , and they are:

25mm Rigid Strapping Tape

25mm Rigid Strapping Tape

is a low $3.20 $2.88 a Roll

50mm Elastic Adhesive Bandage

50mm Elastic Adhesive Bandage

is a unbeatable $4.90 $4.41 a Roll

75mm Cotton Tear Stretch Tape

75mm Cotton Tear Stretch Tape

is a unbelievable $6.40 $5.40 a Roll

More Sports Tape Deals during July

During the week of July 24th-31th, SportStrap will also be releasing more 10% off coupon deals (which may only last 24-72 hours each) on other additional Sports Tape products (38mm Rigid, 50mm Rigid, Sports Foam Underwrap, etc).

We will be releasing these coupon codes via our Sportstrap Facebook Fan page .

So get in early to ensure you don’t miss-out on our July 10% off deals, make sure you  click “Like” button on our Sportstrap Facebook Fan Page, and our coupon code updates will come through to your Facebook News Feed… or just check back at our specials page regularly.

Happy Bargain Hunting. :-)

Cade Arnel


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6 thoughts on “SportStrap 10% Off Sale – Save on Sports Tape

  1. These are fantastic savings for sportstrap. Great time to stock up on your sports tape right now.

  2. Jackie’s right. These are great prices for sportstrap. I buy it all the time and the cost really adds up.

    I’ll definitely be checking out your specials. 🙂

  3. Hello Cade,

    Great idea have a sale in July for Sports Tape – 10% off is a great saving! Sure it will help those football and soccer players when they need extra protection 🙂


  4. With sporting finals looming just around the corner, it is a great time for sporting clubs to stock up and save on sports tape………….

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