How to Kinesiology Tape for Tennis Elbow Pain

Tennis Elbow injuries can be painful and really restrict the normal function of the arm. Today I’m going to share some strategies for treatment with you, by applying Kinesiology Tape for Tennis Elbow Pain.

Kinesiology taping is widely used as a method of reducing muscle pain and pressure, provide support and stability, as well as relieve inflammation. All these attributes make it perfect for treating the Tennis Elbow condition.

In this article, we will be focusing on educating you how to apply kinesiology tape to a Tennis Elbow condition.

The Elbowelbow

The elbow is the joint formed by the union of three bones in the middle portion of the arm.

These three major bones are the:

  • humerus
  • radius
  • ulna

While the shoulder and the wrist get more attention, the use of the elbow is more vital in the normal functioning of the arm – particularly in moving and using the arm in doing various tasks.


Kinesiology Taping Tennis Elbow

In this video, Adam Collyer shows how to properly kinesiology tape for the tennis elbow condition:


What you need:pre

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Guide in Kinesiology Taping Tennis Elbow

  • First Tape Application:first                                                                                                                         
  1. Measure the length of the tape. Find the bony bump of the elbow, and start measuring the tape above that point running down below the elbow. Keep in mind that the tape will be longer once stretched during tape application.
  2. Cut off the corners in a rounded manner to prevent the tape from easily peeling off.
  3. Prepare the anchor tab by folding and tearing on the fold.
  4. Place the tape starting above the bony bump of the elbow. Rub the anchor tab to ensure it sticks properly.
  5. Peel back the tape most of the way and leave an inch or more on the end of the tape. Rub it and give around 50% of tension. Now peel of the last piece and apply without any tension.
  • Second Tape Application                                                                                                                       sec

In the second tape application, we’re going to create a piece to run horizontally over the bump of the elbow.

  1. Measure the tape that will run over the bump on the elbow.
  2. Cut off the corners in a rounded manner to prevent the tape from easily peeling off.
  3. Prepare the anchor tab by folding and tearing on the fold.
  4. Peel most of the way again like before, and apply with a reasonable amount of tension.
  5. Peel of the edge and apply with no tension.

Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow, also known as Lateral Epicondylitis, is a condition wherein the elbow becomes tender and sore which causes elbow pain. This condition is not limited to tennis players although this can be a significant condition amongst these athletes, and for people who repetitively use their arm and elbow (e.g. carpenters, golfers, cleaners, baseball players).


The common cause of tennis elbow is by doing or participating in activities that requires the repetitive use of the elbow, arm, wrist, and other hand movements. Knocking or banging your elbow can sometimes cause tennis elbow.

Signs and Symptoms:

  • Pain which slowly increases around the outer part of the elbow.
  • Pain becomes worse when using affected arm in grasping, holding, squeezing and gripping things, weak grip strength
  • Pain when using affected arm with force, especially activities requiring the use of the muscles to extend the wrist
  • Soreness of the forearm
  • Morning stiffness of the affected elbow


Tennis elbow usually heals over time. However, here are some self-help tips to speed up the recovery of your elbow:

  • Rest your elbow and avoid activities which cause pressure on the affected elbow.
  • Use cold or warm compress to ease elbow pain.
  • Use of painkillers and NSAIDs such as paracetamol and ibuprofen to ease pain and reduce inflammation.
  • Use of elbow strap or splint.
  • Mild exercises or physical therapy on the affected elbow.
  • Use of kinesiology tape to help stabilize, support and reduce pain and inflammation of the affected elbow.

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