The 2012 SportStrap Catalogue Download Is Here – With An Expanded Product Range

With the New Year now upon us (which is hard to believe I know), the SportStrap team would like to take this opportune time to thank our Customers for giving us the opportunity to bring to you the great products, prices and services  you deserve during 2011.

It is now approaching 12 months since we decide to open the SportStrap Online Store, and expand our service area Australia wide ( and globally in some cases).

We have also been working hard recently to extend our product range, to bring more savings to the Sports Clubs, Business and Individual Customers that we serve.

You can view our full range of products here on our 2012 SportStrap Catalogue Download , or you can check them out on our SportStrap Store homepage, in the New Products section.

Sportstrap 2012 Product Catalogue

Below is a summary of the new products we have introduced to our product range for 2012.

New Products for 2012

 Automated External Defibrillator

Automated External Defibrillator

Gatorade Powder

Gatorade Powder

Powerade Powder

Powerade Powder

Aluminium Alloy Emergency Pole Stretcher

Aluminum Alloy Emergency Pole Stretcher

Aluminium Alloy Scoop Stretcher

Aluminum Alloy Scoop Stretcher

Aluminium Alloy Emergency Foldaway Stretcher

Aluminium Alloy Emergency Folding Stretchers

Adjustable Stiff Neck Brace

Adjustable Neck Brace

SAM Splint

SAM Splints

20 Litre Drinks Cooler

20 Litre Drinks Cooler

Deep Heat Spray

Deep Heat Spray

Velcro Compression Cuff

Velcro Compression Cuff

Panamax Tablets

Panamax Tablets

Deep Heat PatchesDeep Heat Patches Water Bottle - 750mlDrinks Bottle Water Bottle RackWater Bottle Racks

SportStrap Club Savings Program

This year, as part of our usual SportStrap Club Savings Program, we have put together what we think is not only great value on paper for Sports Clubs, but is guaranteed to make a difference to the bottom line of Sports Clubs across Australia.

Full details can be found in our 2012 Catalogue, and contains Massive Savings of up to $3970, and Piece-of-Mind for Sporting Clubs including on:

  • Savings of $300 for every $1000 spend on Sports Tape compared to other major suppliers (for all customers).
  • Save up to $450 on an AED Defibrillator for your Sports Club (Our Price $1850).
  • Save up to $2100 per season on Sports Drinks (Powerade, Gatorade).

and Customer Reward Program bonuses including…

  • Receive $320 of bonus products(when reaching $1000 a season on Sports Tape) .  
  • Receive $200 of Sports Tape or a Massage Table(when reaching $3000 a season on Sports Tape) .

SportStrap Club Savings Program

Defibrillator Units for Communities

Since launching the SportStrap Club Savings Program, we have had several enquiries from sports clubs wanting to buy multiple Automated External Defibrillator units for different facilities, businesses, or bodies in their community (ie Swimming Pools, Doctors Surgery, RSL Clubs, etc).

AED DefibrillatorWith many recent cases of players or supporters suffering heart-attacks, on game day or on the job, communities are now investing in defibrillators to help save lives in their communities around Australia.

So if you think there is a similar need in your community for multiple units, email Cade at, and we can provide an unbeatable price on multiple units.

Have a most outstanding day,

Cade Arnel ©2012

New Live Chat for Sportstrap Customers

At Sportstrap we pride ourselves in delivering great customer service.

With today’s fast paced life, many online customers appreciate fast responses to their questions, as waiting for that delayed reply email can be so annoying.

Recently we asked ourselves “How can we better respond to our customers quickly, to any enquiries that they have”. So we have decided to add the functionality of Live Chat to our Sportstrap Shop, on the bottom right-hand corner of every page (as pictured below)

LiveChat Overview

Online Live Chat

Now our customers can instantly get the answers to any questions regarding our Product and Services range, when we are online. The Live Chat Box is so easy to use, and looks like this when we are available:

LiveChat Online

Away on Live Chat

If we are not online, the chat box shows us to be Away. In this case our customers can still ask a question as it will be logged ready for us to attend to, as soon as we are back online. Though its recommended to write to us via our contact us page in this situation, so we have an email address to reply to. When we are not online the Live Chat Box looks like this:

LiveChat Away

Steps to using Sportstrap Live Chat

The steps to using the instant Live Chat are as follows:

  1. Live Chat SportstrapClick on the Chat box in the bottom right corner to open the chat box.
  2. Click in the Small Text Box down the bottom.
  3. Type in your question and press enter.
  4. Wait for a response in the Display Area.
  5. Repeat steps 3 & 4 if you have further question.


With the Live Online Chat now available on our Sportstrap Shop, we look forward to providing high quality customer service and advice on our Sports Tape and Sports Medical product range. I look forward to chatting to you online 🙂Cade Arnel


Cade Arnel 2010-2011©